PROVEN To Issue Two Indexed US$ Bonds

PROVEN To Issue Two Indexed US$ Bonds

PROVEN To Issue Two Indexed US$ Bonds

PROVEN Investments Limited (PIL/PROVEN) in a recent announcement to the Jamaica Stock Exchange has outlined intentions to issue Bonds in an aggregate amount of approximately Three Billion Jamaican Dollars (J$3billion) through two USD-Indexed Bonds. This is the JMD equivalent of US$20,000,000. The Bonds will be issued in two separate tranches:

  1. Tranche A –         Secured Indexed Bonds of up to the Jamaican Dollar Equivalent of Four Million United States Dollar (US$4,000,000.00).  
  2.   Tranche B –       Unsecured Indexed Bonds of up to the J$ Equivalent of Sixteen Million United States Dollars (US$16,000,000.00).

The Bonds are registered under the FSC Exempt Distribution Guidelines and are to be issued in favor of Accredited Investors as defined in the guidelines or to investors participating via the Minimum Purchase Amount exemption stated in the guidelines.



PROVEN Investments Limited (PIL/PROVEN) is the Caribbean’s premier “Income & Growth Strategy” Investment Company, built on the solid reputation of providing investors with safe and consistent returns on their investments.  With PROVEN Management Limited as the management company of PIL; the company’s main objective is to provide shareholders with consistent returns, through a diversified portfolio of regional and international investments spread across three main investment strategies. PROVEN’s core investments include a portfolio of banking and wealth management companies with operations throughout the Caribbean, mainly in Jamaica, Cayman, St. Lucia, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands. PROVEN has also created additional value and diversification for its shareholders by identifying and securing private and publicly traded, equity and debt positions in well established companies throughout the region and internationally which have the potential for enhanced levels of growth and return over the short to medium term. PROVEN’s Real Estate investments span both residential and commercial developments and are complemented by the consistent returns from its portfolio of commercial rental properties.

PROVEN Operating Subsidiaries & Associated Companies: BOSLIL Bank Limited in St. Lucia with locations in Panama and Uruguay; Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited; International Financial Planning (Cayman) Limited (IFP); PROVEN Wealth Limited; PROVEN Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT); Access Financial Services Limited; JMMB Group Limited; Heritage Education Funds International Inc. and Roberts Manufacturing Limited.

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