Private Equity

PROVEN Investments Limited’s primary business is the holding of tradable securities for investment purposes. The organisation’s objective is to pursue private equity opportunities as they arise, provided they are consistent with the overall aims and objectives of the Company. Our current private equity holdings continue to make positive contributions to the business.


PROVEN Wealth Limited

thumbnailPROVEN Wealth Limited (“PWL”) formerly Guardian Asset Management Jamaica Limited was acquired from Guardian Holdings in August 2011 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Proven Investments Limited. PWL is a Securities Dealer licensed by the Financial Services Commission, which has regulatory control over the Securities industry in Jamaica under the Securities Act. Visit Website



thumbnail PROVEN Investments Limited is 100% owner of REAL PROPERTIES Limited, which was formed as the vehicle for both residential and commercial real estate-related investments for PIL. The first of these investments has been completed with the development and sale of ‘ei8ht’ a residential property through PROVEN Kingsway Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of REAL PROPERTIES Limited. The company is embarking on other residential developments and continues to monitor the local and regional real estate markets for new opportunities. Visit Website

PROVEN Fund Managers Limited

thumbnailPROVEN Fund Managers Limited formerly PWL Transition Limited is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of PROVEN Investments Limited and is built on a strong capital base and a success attitude. The company is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) as a securities dealer.

Our team is experienced and has managed billions of dollars of investments and delivered consistent returns and expert advice over the last twenty years in the financial services sector. Our know-how spans asset management, corporate finance, financial advisory services, merchant banking, stock brokerage, pension fund management and unit trust management.
Our focus is to protect and manage our valued clients’ wealth through an intimate portfolio management relationship and providing them with an investment portfolio of local, regional and global securities. Visit Website

ACCESS Financial Services Limited

thumbnailDuring December 2014, PROVEN acquired a 49.27% stake in Access Financial Services Limited (“AFS”), making it the largest shareholder in the micro-lending company. Access Financial Services Limited, one of the largest microcredit outfits, was established in 2000 and is listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Operating from seventeen locations across the island of Jamaica, AFS offers a wide range of lending solutions through its personal and business loan suite of products. Lead by a highly competent and committed team, AFS underscores its mission to offer exceptional value to its stakeholders through innovative financial solutions and superior customer service, by being a significant contributor to the microfinance sector, facilitating clientele in all major sectors of the economy and making a significant contribution to job creation and economic growth. Visit Website


Boslil Bank Limited

thumbnailIn March 2017 PROVEN acquired 82.82% of the common equity of Bank of St. Lucia International (BOSLIL) from  Eastern Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited. Boslil has a recognised track record in the sector  and a solid team which should bode well for future growth and value creation for PROVEN Investments Limited. Visit Website